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Remote Data Security is a comprehensive remote data protection system. RDS offers an easy-to-use, safe, secure and reliable remote data backup solution to ensure that important business and personal data is protected and readily available when needed.

Multiple Levels of Protection

If you need further assurance, you can leverage RDS’s Replication Module, which allows you to replicate your remote backup data securely to an RDS Replication Server located in another building, district or even country. Moreover, the level of the data synchronization is close to real-time. Your business can thus be protected from fires, natural disasters, terrorist attacks, wars, etc.

Easy to Use

The interface of the client-side software is cleanly laid out. Functions and buttons are self-explanatory, average users should have no problems in operating the core functions. Moreover, the management console for the remote data backup server uses web interfaces, which are very easy to follow. Furthermore, all versions of RDS running on different operating systems share the same interfaces. So, whether you are in a Windows, Mac or Linux environment, you are covered.  This makes life much easier for system administrators who are responsible for managing an environment with heterogeneous systems.

Stable and Proven Technology

Unlike traditional backup approach, RDS requires absolutely no human involvement to complete the whole backup operation, thus ensuring the backup of business data is fully automated and always negligence and error free. All important business data will always be available and accessible when you want them.

RDS Online Backup software is being used by thousands of users worldwide. It has been proven to work well throughout the years. Using RDS gives you peace of mind because you are using one of the most stable and secure automated remote data protection systems on Earth.

Extensive Coverage

In the work place, most people are storing vast amount of important business data on their desktops and notebooks because it is undoubtedly more convenient. With RDS, all users’ desktops and notebooks can be automatically backed up remotely and securely at periods you specify. No backup will be missed and all important business data will be saved.


  • 128-bit point-to-point SSL communication between server and client
  • Support HTTP/HTTPS Proxy and Socks v4/v5 firewall
  • Data is 128-bit encrypted when stored on backup server
  • Choice of different encryption algorithms, e.g. Twofish, Triple DES, Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)
  • Choice of different encryption modes, e.g. Electronic Cook Book (ECB) and Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)
  • A random initializing vector, salt and iteration count will be generated by the software automatically for each file when encrypting your data
  • Each backup user can restrict online access to his files to his pre-defined list of IP addresses
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